Junior Horsemen is open to all horse enthusiasts 18 years of age and younger.  Join this fun group in the beautiful Lake Tahoe Sierra Nevada Mountains as we participate in a variety of equine activities.  

Being an equestrian is an experience that engages the mind, body, and emotions by bonding and participating in a challenging sport with an extraordinary animal.  It teaches life skills, responsibility and teamwork.  Horses are amazing partners, it is important to ride as much as possible and have instruction and lessons to enhance your partnership.  The equestrian needs riding skills and a balanced seat for an enjoyable and safe ride.  There is no substitute for hours of practice in the saddle so make the most of the riding season and participate to the fullest.

The Truckee Donner Junior Horsemen hold their meetings the same dates, times and location as the Horsemen members and use this time to consider and implement new ideas for their members.  One of their main fundraisers is the Rodeo Dance held on Saturday Night after the Truckee Rodeo.  In addition, the members plan field trips and playdates for all members to enjoy.  It is not necessary to own a horse, nor to participate in Drill Team to be a member of the Juniors.  All that is needed is a love for the equine world and all that it has to offer.  Support and membership of the Junior's family members is encouraged! Many junior members participate in the Drill Team, who practice weekly throughout the Summer in preparation for their performances in the Truckee Rodeo and other community venues. 

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