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TDH wants to share the following equestrian events/clubs in the adjoining communities.  Please click on the links below to learn about more opportunities to participate in our equestrian neighbors' events.  Their events have also been included on our Calendar.  Please direct any questions you may have regarding their events and organizations to them directly, including verification of any schedule and/or venue changes changes.

NPEA (National Pony Express Association) Nevada division meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month and usually held in Carson City.  Interested riders should begin attending meetings no later than April or May so they can be familiar where riders are needed.  This year the mail will be going through Nevada June 17th to June 19th and is westbound for this year, for those that do not want to trailer very far there are usually a lot of sections open for new riders from about Hooten Well to Genoa.  Each section is usually 2 to 5 miles and must be ridden at a brisk trot or cantor.  There are some sections that are ridden at night and some during the day.  The only other time commitment is to make sure horse and rider are in shape, It is a good idea to start ‘legging up’ horses about a 1 ½ months ahead of time,  try to pre ride your section(s), get support crew together and for areas out in the middle of the desert get familiar on how to get out there and make sure towing vehicles are good to go. 

Piping Rock Equestrian Center


Sierra Valley Roping Club - Horse Trail Trial and Poker Ride  - Les Vogt Horsemanship Clinic

Sierra Nevada Junior Rodeo & Gymkhana Club

Silver State Barrel and Pole Association

Tahoe Donner Equestrian Center

Will James Society

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